Buying A Home

Ultimately this is one of the biggest financial considerations many of us will make. Are you ready to do this? Is it the right time? Can I afford it? What are the schools like in that area?

You are not alone. I will be with you guiding you through the process. Are you pre-approved, I can help. Do you have an inspector, I can help. I am always familiar with current home values on the market and know the neighbourhoods that you may be interested in.

As an experienced local Realtor I have surrounded myself with the best professionals that are available to assist my clients. Just ask me and I probably have who you need as part my extended team of professionals.

Once you have answered all the questions and you are ready to proceed and make your dream a reality. I will assist you with demystifying the home buying or selling process and remove a lot of the stress that can be associated with this process. For a no obligation, no commitment consultation please give me a call at 604-312-4125 or send me an e-mail at

Are you looking for an investment or a family home to raise a family? Maybe you're out of space and need a bigger home, what type of home do you want, and in what area? Identify what you must have and what are nice to have.

After you have determined what is right for you, the next step in the purchasing process is getting pre-qualified with a financial institution either a bank or a mortgage broker. I can help you with introducing you to a trusted mortgage broker with a proven track record of getting the deal done and getting favourable rates for my clients.

As a Realtor I guide you through the process every step of the way, as today’s Sellers/Buyers have more choices than ever before and things can become very confusing for Sellers/Buyers. Selling/Buying a home is not only the typically the largest financial investment but also a huge undertaking that involves hundreds of steps to succeed.

Selling/Buying real estate is a financial and emotional minefield that shouldn’t be ventured alone.

As your Realtor I have local Real Estate expertise with specialized training and proprietary real estate information to navigate you through and avoid any landmines.

It is my pleasure to navigate you through all aspects of Real Estate and help you achieve your desired Real Estate dreams. I will lead you through step by step as this is what I do every day. I will offer possible suggestions and explore different possibilities with the product (townhomes vs detached) alternatives that could fit your lifestyle.

I am here to mitigate the stress or Selling/Buying by identifying possible issues and risks and steer you clear of them. I will educate you regarding current market conditions and trends that may affect you.

I am an experienced and a full-time Realtor that possess the expert negotiations skills and the tenacity to get the job done, whether Selling/Buying. My dedication to my clients has built relationships that are based on honest rapport and trust in knowing that I will guide them every step of the way. This is why most of my client base is from past client and those that have been referred to me by past clients.

Once You Have Found The Perfect Home

When you find the perfect fit for you or your family, I will prepare a Market Evaluation of similar homes in that area that have recently sold, and those that have not sold. I will take the time to explain why some homes sold at the price they did, or failed to sell in the market (expired listings). With this investigative research will help determine if the price that is currently being asked is a reasonable price in today’s market. 

Making An Offer For Purchase 

Once you have found that perfect home and you want to make an offer on the home/townhouse/condo) I will write a formal offer (Contract Of Purchase and Sale) that will a specific price that you are offering to pay to purchase that home, you will have specific dates for completion and possession as well as subjects or conditions on your purchase.  Common subjects may be subject to financing, subject to inspections, subject to title search and receiving and reviewing strata documentation prior to subject removal.  
If there are subjects on the offer, a subject removal date is agreed upon in the contract as the subject removal date. If subjects are to be extended for some reason then both parties have to agree to extend that subject removal date (formally through an addendum). Once subjects are removed, a deposit is due (the timeframe is determined in the contract, and may be 24 hours or longer). Once this happens you have a firm sale.

Negotiation Period

Once an offer is written up I will negotiate on behalf of my client to get the best deal possible for my client. Often negotiations go back and forth and this is where seasoned skilled negotiating skills play a major role in the outcome. Sometimes getting the best deal requires patience and a cool head and not a snap decision. Not all Realtor’s negotiate the same way but being an experienced Realtor I have dealt with many Realtors over my tenure in all sorts of markets. Once all parties agree on all the terms of the contract the Buyer will work towards removing subjects within the specified time frame.

Subject Removal Period

All parties have agreed on the price and subjects and now the Buyer has an agreed upon period to fulfill the contractual obligation to purchase the home/townhouse/condo. Subject removal can be as short as one day or up to ten days but the average is somewhere between 7-14 days in a normal balanced market. 
During the subject removal period I will be there to help guide you all the way through. I can provide you with trusted service providers to do your home inspection, provide you with your house insurance,  etc. After subjects are removed you will be required to sign a subject removal documents and provide your deposit for your purchase. You are now well on your way to becoming a proud owner of a home/townhouse/condo.

Lawyer VS Notary

You will need to decide if you wish to use a lawyer or a Notary Public to do the conveyance for your purchase. I will provide you with a list of trusted service providers for this task. The decision ultimately lies with the Buyer as to who they wish to use or possibly they have a previous relationship with a lawyer or a Notary Public that you wish to use. Remember that whoever you choose to use that they have the time to prepare the documentation to do the conveyance for the purchase.
I will have all the documents transferred electronically to whomever the Buyer chooses to use. Either a lawyer or Notary Public will prepare the documents, transfer title and arrange to have funds transferred from the Buyers Account to the Sellers Account. After this all occurs, congratulations you are now a homeowner.
I am here to help you every step of the way. I will guide you through the process and help mitigate this sometimes mysterious process we call buying Real Estate.