The Importance of Marketing Your Home Right

The Buyer's Journey To Finding Your Home

The following information is from the National Association of REALTORS® buyer survey sent out to 94,000+ people that bought a home. Here are the 4 most important things to getting buyers to your home:

1. Information Sources Buyers Use When Searching For a Home
2. Where Buyers Actually Find the Home They Purchase
3. What's Most Important to Buyers When Looking Online At Your Home
4. The Actions Buyer's Take As  A Result of Their Internet Search

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How I Market Your Home

360º Marketing Plan

Technology has revolutionized the way buyers shop for real estate today. I will significantly increase your home's exposure on the market by creating an interactive Virtual Tour, in addition to professional photography. This allows buyers to get a full sense of the selling features of your home before having to set foot on the property. In today's online world, we must make it easy for people to understand your home and layout so they'll get off the couch or from behind their devices and come see your home. A doubtful or confused mind takes no action, so our marketing removes the layout or spatial confusion, so they'll take action to come see your home.

What's Included:

  • High-End Professional Photography including HDR WindowView Enhancement, Blue Sky Enhancement (only if agent normally orders High-End Packages)
  • Professional still photographs composed by experienced professionals
  • Fully interactive 360º views showcasing key selling features of your home
  • All images processed with the detail and care you would find at any professional photo lab, including a BlueSky Enhancement for raining or overcast days
  • Interactive Map & Street View of Neighbourhood
  • An optimized Youtube video for search engine discoverability
  • Extensive Online Marketing including,,, Craiglist, Kijiji, Youtube,, and 10,000+ More Real Estate Websites
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, (whichever ones the agent use)
  • My/Our Facebook distribution network which will make your home show up on the facebook pages and twitter feed of other REALTORS® in the area so that your home will show up directly in the personal feed of all the friends, family, and followers of those individual Realtors (Only if agent uses CityBlast and loads listings to it)
  • Beautifully Printed Feature Sheets for prospective Buyers to take with them.
  • Direct Mail Campaign into the neighbourhood to make sure everyone knows it's for sale so they can tell their family, friends, or get your place for themselves!
  • Signage out front
  • Weekly stats of the visits to the 360º Virtual Tour of your home. 

The Process

  • A professional photographer will contact you to set up an appointment
  • Appointments can be set up at your convenience during daylight hours
  • Most appointments take no longer than 1 hour
  • The tour of your home will be online within 2 business days

360º Interactive Virtual Tours Advantage

1. Homes with Virtual Tours generate 48% more traffic than those without
2. 9 out of 10 people turn to the internet to shop for real estate
3. Imagine having an open - house 24/7 from anywhere around the world
4. Linked directly from,, and 10,000+ Real Estate Websites
5. Posted on See Virtual360 with 30,000+ visitors per month

Virtual Tours Double the Sale Rate

A 6-month study of SeeVirtual's Virtual Tour performance in selling a home compared to the general market. At that time, only 7% of the listing on the MLS in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley used a Virtual Tour or multimedia to help market the property (the majority being done by SeeVirtual). Over a 6 month period, 80% of the listings SeeVirtual helped market sold compared to only 50% of listings selling on the MLS - it happened at twice the rate!

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Over 1200 of SeeVirtual's Tour listings were used in the study. The board sales data included the sales of SeeVirtual's Tours as there was no way to separate them from the data set 2006 Study.

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Photography Preparation Checklist

To make sure your home looks best when presented online, I've put together a checklist of the common things that end up looking messy in photos or cause visual distractions. Many items in the home that look great in person often appear as "clutter" in photos so it's important to make sure they're hidden. The photographers have a limited amount of time to spend at your home, so these things need to be taken care of prior to their arrival. The checklist is organized room by room so you can go around your home.

My garbage pick-up day is ___________________.(I'll try to avoid this when booking your appointment)
My Appointment ______________________ at _______________________.

All Rooms

Ceiling lights and lamps All on
Lights on in other connected spaces
Distracting clutter hidden
Blinds lowered but tilted slightly up
Floor mats straightened or hidden
Ceiling fans are off
Windows and sliding doors are shut
Chargers/cords are hidden
Portable fans/heaters are removed
Empty pots/dead plants are removed
Pet items are hidden

Entrances Foyer

Shoes hidden
Coats and coat stands hidden

Living Room & Family Room

Remote controls are hidden
Throw cushions/throws are tidy
Magazines/books are tidy

Kitchen & Dining Room

Chairs are straight
Under cabinet lights on(exception - Fluorescent strips off)
Stove light on
Trash can hidden
Dishcloths, soap, sponge, brush hidden (in sink okay)
Fridge magnets and pictures removed
Dish rack and tea towels hidden

Entrances Foyer

Rec Room, Laundry, Exercise Room
Shoes hidden
Pool table set up (cover off, balls racked)
Coats and coat stands hidden
Drying rack away
Exercise balls and weights are hidden


Bedspread tidy
Pillows straight
Dresser drawers closed
Clear bedside table
Hide large baby items/toys
Hige large stuffed animals

Rec Room, Laundry, Exercise Room

Pool table set up (cover off, balls racked)
Drying rack away
Exercise balls and weights are hidden

Exterior Front

No vehicles on driveway or in front of house
Hide trash cans and recycling bins

Exterior Back

Distracting clutter hidden
Tools/hoses/Wheelbarrow put away
Fake wasps/birds/owls nests removed

More On Photos

Importance of the Photos and How it Relates to Leads

The number of quality images and views of your home we provide, the more views your home will get and the more leads we can generate. In addition, as we increase the number of photos, the higher the quality of the lead we get, as those people are able to further determine for themselves if your home could be right for them based on the additional information we provide. That is why I do 360º is like 8 or more photos stitched together which gives buyer's even more confidence to take the next step.

Going from 5 photos per listing to 16 - 20 photos per listing will increase views by 66% and leads by over 150%.

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